Spirits and Ghosts Manifest in my Abstract Paintings!

Spirit Friends #1

I used to see and hear ghosts all the time but decided to tune them out till I and others noticed they were appearing in my paintings. Since then I have welcomed them to come through in my artwork. So, don’t be surprised when staring at one of my paintings if you see human faces or animals staring back at you! This just happens on its own…, as I do NOT intentionally paint these human faces or animals…

I have invited paranormal investigators to come and watch me paint so they can see how fast and haphazardly I paint my abstracts that there is just no way I’m intentionally painting these spirits/ghosts that manifest and emerge themselves in my artwork.  No investigators have contacted me as of yet.

I believe these are mainly spirits of those who have crossed over/passed away to the other side and want to be seen by their friends and loved ones. They know I can see, hear and feel them and have found a way to come through in my artwork. 

At first I thought it was just some kind of optic illusion/coincidence until I seen actual photo-realistic portraits in one of my abstract paintings! Now, you have to realize I can’t even DRAW a photo-realistic portrait let alone PAINT one! lol 

I have included with this blog post my abstract painting Spirit Friends #1 where you can clearly see these photo-realistic portraits along with some other more subtle spirit faces and animals that manifested themselves. This particular panting I did with brushes and used Dioxidine Purple, Titanium White and some water. 

I’ve been asked if this scares the begeezus out of me! LOL Actually, it doesn’t scare me at all. In fact I LOVE it and feel honored that these spirits have chosen me and my artwork to manifest themselves in! Each time I paint a new abstract styled painting I find myself looking forward to seeing who will come through next; maybe someone I’ve known who has passed over will come through. There are a few spirits that have come through and shown themselves in multiple paintings I’ve done. 

Recently I did an abstract piece I titled Past Lives where actual full bodied apparitions of spirits manifested themselves in the painting and appear to be dressed in fashions from the 1800’s! I’ll post that painting in another blog for y’all to view. 

In another painting I did last year titled Purple Haze which is now held in a private collection in Wales, UK not only did spirits manifest themselves but they also sent a message! After finishing the painting I was looking through the different faces that emerged and noticed small lettering under one of the faces! Clearly written were the letters: LOVE. The “VE” were written as one letter but still the word was very clear! Then I noticed there was more lettering to the left of this but had been partially covered by my brushstrokes as I hadn’t been aware of words coming through while I was painting; again, if you saw how fast and random my brushstrokes are when I do an abstract styled painting you’d understand how I would easily miss something like this happening. As a result it is unclear what these additional letters were spelling out. My profile photo I use here on WordPress and Gravatar is a closeup of this painting Purple Haze where you see the spirit and the word LOVE. I will post it in a separate blog.

Maybe some of you will see a friend or loved one who has crossed over and manifested in one of my paintings! Please let me know if you recognize someone you know! 

©Painting by Staci Brown. No part of this image may be reproduced without the express written consent of the artist.

2 thoughts on “Spirits and Ghosts Manifest in my Abstract Paintings!

  1. This is such a cool painting and I can clearly see the face!! I just love it!

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