Spirits Send Message of LOVE Through My Artwork!

Purple Haze (closeup view)

In my painting Purple Haze a message came thru, a word this time! Clearly visible is the word LOVE under one of the spirit faces! No, I did NOT intentionally paint these letters! Hell, I can’t even paint my own signature on my artwork! lol I use my initials and even that I can’t paint smoothly because I need better brushes! lol Read my previous blog post: Spirits and Ghosts Manifest in my Abstract Paintings! to learn more about what is happening with many of my abstract paintings. 

I’ve included a closeup view of my painting Purple Haze where the message: LOVE appears. This original abstract painting of mine is now held in a private collection in Wales, UK. 

©Painting by Staci Brown. No part of this image may be reproduced without the express written consent of the artist.

2 thoughts on “Spirits Send Message of LOVE Through My Artwork!

  1. thank you Stephanie! 😀

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