when all hope seems lost… LAUGH! and BELIEVE! cuz that’s how miracles happen! :D

if nothing else let this be a lesson to all of you… when ya facin what could be a disaster and looks like there’s no answers comin down the pike and feels like all hope might just be lost… STOP! and LAUGH! SMILE! refuse to allow yourself to get all depressed and negative… ya really gotta just BELIEVE! that’s how miracles happen… by believing… 😀


Contacted Coast to Coast AM About Possible Interview!

Okay… just sent off my email with photo attachments showing spirits manifesting in my artwork to the producer of Coast To Coast AM about doing a possible interview with me on their show about the spirits/ghosts and animals manifesting in my abstract paintings!




About Me

Internationally collected Artist Staci Brown grew up in the Hudson River Valley of New York and now lives in the magical Sonoran Desert of Arizona in the Southwest USA. Staci is an emerging, self-taught artist whose style combines a gentle flirtation between abstraction and suggestive realism. Her paintings are held in private collections in England, Wales, Scotland, Holland, India, Canada and across the United States. Many people are drawn to her Abstract paintings because of the spirits that come through in her work, some as photo-realistic portraits; while others are drawn to her imaginative impressions and vibrant color mixes.

Staci used to see and hear ghosts all the time but decided to tune them out till she and others noticed they were appearing in her paintings. Since then she has welcomed them to come through in her artwork. So, don’t be surprised when staring at one of her paintings if you see human faces or animals staring back at you! This just happens on its own…, as she does not intentionally paint these human faces or animals… In her painting Purple Haze a message came thru, a word this time! Clearly visible is the word LOVE under one of the spirit faces!

Staci enjoys using Acrylics on canvas and panels, working with both brushes and knives; often she will incoporate texture, sometimes embedding semi-precious gems into her paintings. She also likes working with Oil Pastels and Water Colors on paper. Staci has been asked what inspires her when she creates a new painting. “Most of my paintings start in my dreams while I’m sleeping and when I wake up I paint from the memory of my dreams. Other times I just allow the paints to lead me. I listen to their calling and become one with the paints, brushes, and canvas!”

Staci is also a musician and a weaver of twisted tales of fiction.

Currently Staci is donating 30% of all sales on her original paintings and prints to the American Red Cross in support of victim relief due to tornadoes that affect Americans through the end of the 2012 tornado season.

On March 12, 2012 London based art news, Art Smacked reviewed Staci’s artwork! http://artsmacked.com/2012/03/12/tornado-relief/

Staci’s profile on Fine Art America where you can purchase prints of her artwork as well as some of her original paintings.


Staci’s profile on Zazzle where she has licensed some of her artwork for purchase on various products.


Sea of Souls…Spirits Manifest Again In Another Painting

This is my original abstract painting Sea of Souls that I created by using both brushes and painting knives. A lot of texture in this painting. Many spirits manifested themselves in this painting which is why I titled it Sea of Souls. How many do you see? This piece is acrylic on 16×20 gallery wrapped canvas and the sides are painted so there’s no need for a frame. This painting is priced at $400 plus shipping.

***I am donating 30% of all sales of my original artwork and 30% of all royalty commissions of my licensed artwork to American Red Cross for tornado victims till the end of tornado season.*** Please share this with all of your friends. thank you 😀

©Painting by Staci Brown. No part of this image may be reproduced without the express written consent of the artist.